Anca Vlad, Founder and President of the Fildas-Catena Group received an award from the Forbes Magazine during the Gala Forbes 500 Business Awards, event, which reached its tenth edition, and which celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as initiative and performance in Romanian business.

On behalf of Anca Vlad, the award was received by Alexandru Vlad, Vice-President of the Fildas-Catena Group.

“Thank you all, on behalf of President Anca Vlad and the entire Fildas-Catena Group. It is a united, strong and professional Group, the team being the one leading to these spectacular results. My mother successfully created the largest Romanian pharmaceutical Group, placing the focus on integrity, trust, mutual respect and human warmth. These are very important values for myself as well, I strongly advocate for them, and I am proud of being able to carry this story forward”, declared Alexandru Vlad.

The most important business event in Romania, Gala Forbes 500 Business Awards 2022, gathered  the most creative, the bravest and the most resourceful business personalities nation-wide.

“Just like, within the Olympic Games, elite sportspeople have the opportunity to excel on the global scene, the Romanian business elite excels in an environment that is full of challenges and changes, and within this Gala we showed our recognition by awarding those heroic entrepreneurs who encompass the Olympic spirit into their activities!”, stated the organizers of the event, to which Catena was a Platinum Partner.

“When we talk about the business world, the values of the Olympic spirit are excellence, performance, resilience, adapting power, development, as well as the respect and friendship we show others, upon creating organizational efficiency and stimulating innovation in all business sectors. Those entrepreneurs who are gifted with Olympic spirit manage to prosper, despite economic challenges, and, thanks to their activity, they succeed in supporting competitiveness on the local, European and global market”, declared the Forbes Romania editors.