Fildas means:

• Transparency – 100% Romanian shareholders, and all the companies in which Fildas is a shareholder are registered in Romania.

• Nationwide coverage through its 14 warehouses – the highest number of warehouses owned by a Romanian pharmaceuticals distributor.

• Open attitude towards new and modern products. We are the first to import and/or help launching most of the new pharmaceutical products. Modern, computerized logistics that allows an online stock management, real data about sales and collecting money by area, by product, by customer.

• Computerized work technology that allows an immediate response to market trends, promotional campaigns, price changes, competition.

• Modern communication technology enables close and efficient relationships.

• Flexible sales workforce, provided with great liberty in negotiating with clients: pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and others.

• Flexible and fast adaptation to market changes.

• Creative ideas implemented in the sales effort. Creative adaptation of our products and promotion services.

• Creative efforts in finding the best methods and means of adding value to our partners’ promotional campaigns.

• Creative promotional campaign for our partners by means of our own creative nature.

• Our customers’ trust regarding the safe and rapid delivery of our products and services.

• Trust from relevant authorities regarding our compliance with specific regulations.


Our team

Radu George
General Manager
Group Fildas
Dragos Mihai
General Manager
Fildas Trading
Alina Marinescu
General Manager
Mihaela Scarlat
Operational Manager
Mihai Drumea
Financial Director