Fildas Trading’s team has recorded a quick growth. For Fildas Trading, human capital is the most important element in sustaining the company’s evolution. Efficiency and professionalism, high quality standards of our performance, customers’ satisfaction are the values and the key elements that guide Fildas business conduct.

Pharmaceutical Warehouse – Bucuresti, Cluj, Tg. Mures, Bacau

Description of the ideal candidate

  • Past experience in pharmaceutical activity or pharmaceutical studies is an asset;
  • Ability to plan, organize and prioritize the activity;
  • Communication skills, teamwork;
  • Discipline, rigor, seriousness, meticulousness;
  • A person with a high sense of responsibility and consciousness, oriented towards the accomplishment of the tasks and the achievement of the results.


Job description

  • To collect products from shelves according to the received orders;
  • To prepare orders (parcels) for delivery to pharmacies;
  • To properly distribute and order the warehouse products;
  • To label, collect and verify pharmaceutical products;
  • To participate in periodic inventories;
  • To ensure security and integrity of the managed assets.


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