Fildas, the medicine distributor established by entrepreneur Anca Vlad three decades ago, reached a turnover of RON 4.3 billion in 2020, an increase with more than 2% comparing to the previous year, according to the calculations made by ZF based on the documents provided by the company.

“In terms of business, this year was full of challenges.” The same as in case of Catena pharmacies, with Fildas Trading it also took all the energy and dedication of the team to overcome the initial shock after the pandemics’ occurrence. At that time there were a lot of orders, both for medicine and for supplements, and in order to better manage them all, to comply with the deadlines, our colleagues were required to be on their positions”, said for ZF Dragoş Mihai, General Director of Fildas.

In 2020, the distributor climbed to the first place on the profile market according to its financial results, after it scored a 16% advance compared to 2019, over the market average.

The plans for 2021 aim at strengthening, in the context in which the pandemics influenced even the business in health and medicine fields.

“Last year, we extended the warehouses from Mogoşoaia and we will analyze the extension chances of the storage spaces in the country during this year. Considering the results, the very good relationship we have with all our partners, I can tell you that in Fildas Trading development will continue at a high pace also during the next period”, added Dragoş Mihai.

Fildas has a network of 15 nationwide warehouses and a transport fleet of 175 utility vans fit with refrigerating aggregates.

In the fall of 2020, the company hired a warehouse with a surface of 3,400 square meters and 400 square meters of offices for regional distribution operations in Braşov, within the logistic park VGP Park Braşov.

“We have a multiannual investments plan in progress for the extension of warehouses and modernization of IT infrastructure, a plan which will also continue during 2021. This year we will also focus on the strengthening and increase of our position on the market. We will also continue the investment in human resources, in specific training courses, in development, because we know that our team is the most valuable asset of a company”, specified Dragoş Mihai.

According to the latest data, distributor Fildas supplies products to over 850 Catena pharmacies in the country, as well as other over 1,000 clients in about 3,500 places of business, which means half of the total number of pharmacies at national level.