The Fildas-Catena Group, a leading company in pharmaceutical distribution and retail on the Romanian market, received the award for the “Most Profitable Company in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, within the Elite Companies 2022 Gala, organized by the Capital business magazine.

The award, handed over by Dr. Viorel Jinga, Chancellor of the “Carol Davila” Bucharest University of Medicine and Pharmacy, was received by Mrs. Alina Marinescu, Catena General Manager, alongside Mr. Daniel Enache, Catena Bucharest Branch Manager.

“Indeed, we are the leader on the pharmaceuticals market, we are the pharmacy chain with the highest number of units, a 100% Romanian brand and, alongside distributor Fildas, we are a Romanian success story. This is an award for the whole Fildas-Catena Group team, an award received following lots of hard work, mutual trust and professionalism. I wish to thank my colleagues for their commitment and for everything they did during these years, which were rather difficult for our industry as well”, declared Alina Marinescu.

Chancellor Viorel Jinga made the following statement: “As a doctor, I wish to thank all pharmaceutical companies for the millions of medicine boxes they distributed, as those are very important for patients’ treatment, but also from an academic point of view, because they help us with students’ and residents’ practice within the Faculty of Pharmacy. The pharmacist is a supporting pillar as far as the patient’s treatment is concerned, and yet the perception regarding this profession has somehow deteriorated. At the last admission exams we had a smaller number of candidates. Next year, we will be celebrating one century of pharmaceutical education in Romania.”

During the Capital Elite Companies Gala, the awards were directed towards the companies which, during the past year, registered the best performances in the main business fields, such as: the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and food industry, banks and insurance companies, logistics, transport and courier services, energy, automotive, retail, construction and real estate, IT and telecommunications, as well as heavy industries.

Fildas is a leader in the distribution of pharmaceutical products on the Romanian market, owning 17 warehouses nationwide, with a total area of 55,000 square meters, as well as a fleet consisting of 200 distribution vehicles.

Catena is a leader in pharmaceutical retail, owning over 850 units nationwide, and having earned the appreciation and trust of millions of Romanians!