Fildas Trading has reached 1000 employees this month. On a labour market faced with numerous challenges for employers, Fildas Trading has continued to increase its team on a constant basis, in line with the company’s development, the number of employees rising by more than 10% over the last year alone.

Employee number 1000 is a warehouse keeper and works at the Warehouse in Sibiu. His co-workers made him a sweet surprise, as the welcoming among Fildas Trading team – a cake ordered specially from Candy Cat cake shop, decorated with the number 1,000.

For Fildas Trading, the team is the most valuable asset in achieving the desired objectives, with human capital being the most important element in supporting and developing the company. Moreover, the year-on-year increase in turnover, the amazing expansion achieved in a short time, the recognition gained from customers and leading suppliers have been the result of a huge collective endeavour, the dynamism and dedication of the entire team.

Fildas Trading is one of the largest companies operating on the pharmaceutical distribution market in Romania, with a turnover of more than 500 million EUR in 2016. The company entered the Top 500 largest CEE companies for the first time, conducted by COFACE, directly on the 355th place, being the fifth Romanian company in this top.

Fildas Trading owns its personal fleet of medicinal product transport vehicles and 14 warehouses and logistics centers, setting a new warehouse in Iasi, at Miroslava, following an investment of 2.5 million EUR, and a new logistics center in Bucharest, at Mogosoaia.